"Griselda Blanco" Vs " The Walking Dead ?

With the new mid-season of The Walking Dead returning and getting intense per episode and bringing high ratings. Univision has announced that they are going to start the novela of The Godmother Griselda Blanco (from the Cocaine Cowboys fame for the folks who don't know who she is). Capitalizing of the Narco-Novelas and the success of novelas like Pablo Escobar El Patron del mal, Capo, amongst others. So yes ....Sunday evenings are about to get real. What are you going to watch? Please comment below Here is a look at the trailer for "La Viuda Negra" Heres a look at "The Walking Dead"






La Conekta 5 Year Anniversary

La Conekta 5 Year Anniversary was this past weekend in DC. La Conekta started about 5 years ago around the time I stopped promoting a local club and a showcase by the name of "El Liriqueo" was going down. Calle Cardona from NY reached out to myself and Fantzma and said we need to start doing La Conekta in DC. Through the years we have have opened the doors for upcoming, local, and non-local artists to grab the mic and showcase their skills. We have done what many other venues, clubs, promoters have not done and give the ones with a voice and talent a mic, a stage, and a network regardless of what language, skin tone, or ethnicity you are from.

The event is monthly and believe it or not I have not attended in over 6 months. I took a break to deal with personal isssues. I arrived to the packed house with my boys Dshon and LCK Bardi who drove 18 hours from sunny Miami to the frigid weather of DC. That's determination and love for Hip-Hop. I met there with many old faces and new faces. Calle Cardona drove 4 hours from NYC to introduce his artist Cali RP and Dreddy Kreugar (Wu Tang Affiliate).

I came on stage and performed 'Esto Ta Pesado" with Dshon 

Other highlights of the night was Trucans mixtape release party, Vago Mob & F2DAR, Jr Zazzo had a great show as well. I was also introduced to J.Shota who I will be recording with in the near future.

Dshon & LCK Bardi introduced me to some of their new music.